About Us

Welcome to Wild Ginger Herbal Apothecary, a sanctuary of wellness and empowerment dedicated to the art of female balance and vitality.
Our journey began with a deep-rooted passion for harnessing the healing power of nature to nurture the holistic well-being of women.
We have curated a space where ancient wisdom and modern science converge to create a harmonious approach to wellness. Beyond our commitment to crafting premium herbal products, we are driven by a profound desire to uplift and empower women.
We believe in the transformative potential of education and community, fostering a haven where shared stories, resources, and women-created content and resources inspire and guide each step of your journey.
Join us in celebrating the essence of womanhood, as we collectively embrace a path to vitality, knowledge, and unwavering support.


My Why

As my daughters transitioned into womanhood, I found a lack of education and support surrounding this pivotal phase of their lives. I wanted to create something for them that would arm them with knowledge, while instilling in them a profound sense of empowerment. I wanted them to understand their cycles beyond the basics, and encourage them to harness the power of each phase and embrace it as a source of strength and vitality.
That's why I poured my heart and soul into creating Wild Ginger Herbal Apothecary and crafting the EmpowerHER Collections, along with support blends for stress, libido, and additional cycle symptoms. This is my labor of love, driven by the belief that we deserve so much more- we deserve knowledge, balance, and vitality.
I want my daughters, and all women, to optimize the phases of their cycles and incorporate them into their lives as a genuine benefit. Imagine a world where we seize the power of each phase- leveraging it to our advantage- to excel in our studies, careers, and personal lives.
Through Wild Ginger Herbal Apothecary, I aim to provide a sanctuary of support, education, and carefully crafted herbal tinctures. It's not just about the products; it's about nourishing our minds, bodies, and spirits. My hope is that my daughters will grow up knowing their worth and embrace the incredible women they are. I aim to make a lasting impact on their lives, and the lives of all women, and pave the way for future generations to rise and thrive.
Knowledge is power - Balance is key


My Mission

To create a world where women everywhere are armed with knowledge and confidence to nourish our inner goddess.


Unlock the power of hormonal harmony, stress support, increased libido, and virtually...